I am a Swedish archaeologist and heritage scholar currently working as a postdoc at Stanford Archaeology Center, Stanford University (USA). I teach courses on political aspects of heritage and pursue two main lines of research. One looks at the identity politics of a relatively new EU heritage scheme called the European Heritage Label (2011), and the other examines the role of heritage within far-right and populist right movements in Europe.

I hold a PhD in Archaeology from Stockholm University (2016) and a double Masters in Cultural Heritage Management and Archaeological Computing from University of Gothenburg (2009). My PhD thesis explored what effects EU grant systems in culture has had on archaeological networking and research. It was based on participant observation in Brussels, interviews with archaeologists, archive studies and document analysis.

Aside from researching archeopolitics, I have participated in archaeological field ventures in Sweden, Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and on Ireland. I have also worked with grant administration for the EU cultural programs at the European Commission in Brussels, and served as assistant teacher in courses on archaeological excavation and critical heritage at Stockholm University.

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