Conference: AAA, Cultural Heritage, Rights, and Democratic Practice

On November 14 I participated in the session "Cultural Heritage, Rights, and Democratic Practice" at the 117th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association in San Jose (CA), a huge conference attended by 6500 scholars. It considered the bond between heritage and rights, i.e. the claims and obligations that link the present and past. Specifically, focus... Continue Reading →


Upcoming conference: Heritage Across Borders (ACHS in China, September 2018)

In September the Association of Critical Heritage Studies will hold its 4th Biennial Conference at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. Just like the Stockholm symposium I participated in last September, it centers around the very broad theme of heritage and 'borders' (buzzword of the year?) (ACHS 2018). I will give two papers in two different sessions.... Continue Reading →

Session at the EAA in Maastricht

On September 1st, Herdis Hølleland and I held a session called: Archaeology and the European Far-right: attitudes and responses from heritage bureaucracies (abstract, see also Herdis post). It took place on Friday afternoon, in a hot conference room with a tiny screen. Despite this, 45 people showed up to discuss the question: What does the rise of... Continue Reading →

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